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We deliver accommodations that are an Experience for every sense

Our Concept

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Covent Garden
Oxford Street
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You have tried them all, now come and stay with us and you'll never enjoy anywhere else

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About Sight Flats

Convenient, Affordable, Unforgivable Stay Experience

Sight Flat started to overcome the "Accommodation Boredom" provided but all the mediocre Serviced Apartment Providers out there........

.......If you are looking to stay in "a" flat, Sight Flat is not for you. We strive to achieve the perfect experience in every stay. We give the basics and more.......

  • Exposure to all the senses
  • Best location
  • Best Service
  • Best products
  • Friendly & Accommodating Staff
  • Concierge Service for anything else
  • Dedicated team member
  • Ultimately the best stay Experience in London

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Sight Flats
In Big Record of Success.

After a career in hospitality our funders decided to create a product that is actually enriching the Serviced Apartments Sector. This is how Sight Flat was born, with the Accommodation at the centre of the trip planning.






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